Shamrock Park

" The Shamrock Regional Park was the choice for the 2000 Regional Park Youth Ambassadors, as part of the Southwest Saskatchewan Tourism region. "

" One of the few natural campgrounds to visit, of the 101 Regional Parks in Saskatchewan. "

Shamrock Park Newsletter 2019 (PDF)

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Welcome to Shamrock Regional Park!

One of the first Regional Parks, and a natural beauty for those who enjoy the outdoors. What is now Shamrock Regional Park, was acquired from the Federal Government in 1927, by virtue of a 21 year lease. It is made up of about 55 acres, cradled in a bend of the Wood River. Prior to this it was part of the W-Bar Ranch, and a natural place for a local rodeo.

Shamrock Regional Park

Shamrock Park is a quiet, relaxing campground. Everything within the park is walking distance and everyone is very friendly and helpful. This natural park is a pleasure for those who wish to tent or have a modern campsite.

Shamrock Regional Park is located:

  • 7 miles east and 7 miles south of Shamrock, Saskatchewan
  • 3 miles west and 5 miles south of Coderre, Saskatchewan
  • 8 miles north and 4 miles east and 4 miles north of Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan
  • We are just over a 1/2 hour south of the Trans-Canada Highway (turn south at the Chaplin intersection). Here is a MAP to guide you to Shamrock Regional Park.


* Photos for are courtesy of Jerry Mayo and Alan Murdock.

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